Golden Retrievers have been one of the most popular breeds in the United States over the past 10 years.  They are cuddly companions and make great pets.  Here are a few facts to know if you own a Golden Retreiver or are thinking about getting one!

  1. Floppy Ears.  Any breed of dog that has floppy ears has an increased risk of infection as it traps moisture.  Weekly ear cleanings with a good cleanser will decrease their risk of infection.  It is very common for Goldens to need regular ear cleaning.  This is a good ear cleanser that we use.  If your Golden’s ears start to smell funny, this is a good indication they need to visit the vet as they may have an infection.
  2. Joint Care.  Large breed dogs need extra joint care.  Start them young on a joint supplement to help protect their mobility and health.
  3. Grain Free Diets.  This is a big “no no” for Goldens.  Grain free is a very popular trend right now among human diets as well as our pet diets.  We need to remember that grain free may not actually be a healthy choice for our pets.  In fact, it is not a balanced diet at all for Golden Retrievers and can cause MAJOR heart problems.
  4. Grooming.  Regular bathing and brushing will help keep your Golden’s coat healthy and smooth (and smell amazing!)  We know a groomer who loves giving those big kids a Spa Day!
  5. Loveable.  Goldens are one of the most loveable breeds you will meet.  Adopting a Golden Retriever can be a great addition to your family!

Whether your Golden has an ear problem, needs grooming or vaccines updated, we can’t wait to see you next!