Does your dog pull when walking on a leash?  Do you have problems keeping control and end up being more exhausted by the end of the walk than your canine companion?  Consider training with a Gentle Leader Headcollar to help teach your dog better leash manners.

How does a Gentle Leader Headcollar work?

The Gentle Leader Headcollar can be a great training tool for walking your pup.

The Gentle Leader Headcollar can be a great training tool for walking your pup.

The Gentle Leader headcollar has been designed to work with a dog’s natural instincts to control unwanted behavior.  The nose loop encircles your dog’s muzzle so that when he tugs on the leash, it redirects his head toward you when he pulls forward.  This prevents pulling and directs his attention back to you.

What are the advantages of a Gentle Leader Headcollar?

Stops pulling on the leash.  With the headcollar, you steer your dog’s nose and the body will follow.  It’s very difficult for a dog to drag his handler down the street when his head is turned.

Control.  You only have to compete with the strength of a dog’s neck and head not all of the power packed in the body.  This makes it easier to walk big or strong dogs.

Safety.  Unlike choke chains or prong collars, the headcollar is safe to use on puppies as young as 8 weeks old.  There is very little pressure applied to the dog’s muzzle and no pressure on the throat.

Flexibility.  It can be sized to fit all dogs with an adjustable nose loop.  And you have the option to convert the headcollar to a regular collar if desired.

Comfort.  The headcollar eliminates uncomfortable pressure on the throat when pulling on a standard collar.  It is a positive, no-pain option for controlling a dog.

How do I acclimate my dog to the Gentle Leader Headcollar?

It’s very important that you acclimate your dog slowly to the headcollar.  In the beginning, put the headcollar on him several times a day for 2-3 minutes, give him treats, throw a toy, feed him, etc while he has it on.  At the end of your training period, if he is NOT struggling, take the headcollar off.  Never take it off if he is struggling, because then you are rewarding for struggling.

Gradually increase the amount of time he wears it around the house and then begin putting it on at the end of your walks when he is tired.  Increase the amount of time he wears it toward the end of the walk until you are actually putting it on at the beginning.  If he tries to rub his nose on your leg or sweep his head through the grass, don’t let him.  Lift up on the leash, and then loosen the leash and praise when he stops.  Above all, make the time he has the headcollar on, FUN!

Where can I buy a Gentle Leader Headcollar?

Animal Rescue League of Iowa, most local pet stores or online.